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Introducing "Learning with Harushi". The easiest method to learn and remember. Our teaching methodology is "I hear, I see and I remember". Our teaching materials include audio / video / image content along with the text, which helps the learner to easily memorize the subject.

Here we will be providing English language materials for your pre-schooler. You can download and use the following application at home or browse online from here (sneak peak. this is under construction)

Download lwh (beta 20070206)

Screen shot of LWH basic version

This release comes with lwh application
and the book "First words" . This book can be used to teach your pre-school kids or anyone who begins to learn English.

"First Words" consist of the following chapters
1. Alphabets
2. Numbers
3. Birds
4. Flowers
5. Farm Animals
6. Nature
7. Fruits
8. Sea Animals
9. Shapes
10. Transport

Check out this page for more books/chapters ordered by topic.

The following chapters are under construction

11. Colors
12. Alphabets revisted (A for Apple...)

Suggest a topic/subject/book/chapter. Report Bugs, Send your Comments / Suggestions to kids at harushi dot com. You can also register with us to get regular updates.

Send a mail to kids at harushi dot com

Alternatively you can use this page to reach us.

This site is in its beta form.

If you have problems in installing the software or could not see a chapter or book in lwh, try installing the Support files.

If the problem still persists contact us immediately.

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